About the App:
Native Noodle allows the customer and user to filer, choose and order noodles from any country in the world. The customer will filter between the noodle temperature, dietary restrictions and calories before going ahead and choosing their country of noodle origin. Then, they will be given a list of noodles from the selected country that fit their filter needs. They have the option of favoring their favorite recipes and then selecting their final choice between their favorites. When they select a noodle to learn more about, and or choose to order, a description and nutritional facts about the pasta pop up for the customer to read. The app offers an interactive part to the customer when they are choosing exactly how much noodles they would like in their pasta. They touch their finger to the screen and then crank the pasta maker in a circular motion to make more pasta filling the customer’s bowl up to the max amount of calories that they initially entered in their original filter. Lastly, they are taken to the delivery and checkout screen where they can get an estimated amount of time it will take for them to receive their pasta as well as a menu to enter their credit card information to pay and confirm their delivery.
This app serves the purpose of opening up the choices and exploration of noodles that a customer can experience and taste from all over the globe. This fits with the “modernity” that other apps like Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats and more that delivery any kind of food the customer is looking for right to their doorstep, in this case being strictly noodles. This app is meant to visually describe and present a premium, modern, and above quality food as well as overall service to the customer. This is meant to solve the problem of noodle and pasta lovers being able to get noodles from all over the globe at the touch of their finger tips. 
App Design:
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