About Triumph:
The purpose of Triumph pomade is to offer an exclusive product to improve and change the lifestyle of our bike riding consumers. Triumph offers a pomade that maintains the hairstyle of the consumer even while they are riding on their motorcycle. This is something that has yet to hit the cosmetic market and will be revolutionary for consumers. Riding on the motorcycle can cause dysfunction and failure to the hairstyle of the person riding the bike from things like wind, dust, and debris, and the helmet strapped too tightly on your head. Triumph's largest goal is for the consumer to be able to flourish in their passion for riding the open road while maintaining their hairstyle once they step off of the bike. No matter the condition the consumer is riding in, or how tight they like to wear their helmet, Triumph pomade is build to maintain their hairstyle indefinitely. 
Designer's Brief:
I aimed to create something that solves a problem in the beauty and cosmetic market for a specific audience. I targeted motorcycle and bike riders that loved to style their hair, but always end up getting it messed up while riding on the bike. This is a problem as everyone, for the most part is wanting to look their best while being in the public eye. Motorcyclists and bike riders are at a disadvantage to this because of outside and physical interferences with their hair caused by such things as wind and the safety helmet. I went for a grungy, textured and rough feel to the logo and packaging to help relate back to the audience of the motorcyclist. My choice of typefaces, as well as the light grunge texture displayed on the brand's logo and product packaging, helps capture the desired look. The name "Triumph", and the adjective "Triumphant" I felt were a very victorious and successful name to use for the company as its vision was to conquer the problem of hairstyling failure while riding on the motorcycle for its consumer. The word "Triumph" is represented iconically by the illustrated horn icon in the center of the logo. This icon is inspired by the horn that was located on the handlebars of old vintage motorcycles back in the 1960s. I was very inspired by companies like Harley-Davidson, Indian Motorcycles and West Coast Choppers for the creation of my design.
Official Triumph Logo:
Initial Logo Sketches:
Logo Collection:
The badge designed logo is meant to be seen and used visually on the pomade packaging itself, while the transparent arching type logo is meant for anything branding related. For example, things like the storefront of the shop the product is sold at, business cards, apparel, social media profiles and more. I wanted to create and use two separate logos for the fact of the brand being able to venture off into other areas of business such as apparel, but still, be able to keep their main line of pomade separate from the rest of the business as it is the primary focus of the company. 
Each logo not only has a variant in style, but color as well. These logos are displayed in three separate colors representing the three different style of pomade crated by the Triumph brand.
Pomade Packaging Sketches:
Pomade Packaging Flat Files:
The top cover of the package features the brand logo, type of pomade, product sizing as well as the statement of where the product is made, and who it is made for all in the brand's selective typefaces. The type "Dull Shine" has a grunge textured bar behind it to make the type stand out, but that bar also has the meaning of visually representing an "open road" that motorcyclist use to ride on. All of this is then overlaid by a light grunge texture to help tie the total look together.
The wrap on the side of the packaging features the brand logo, type of pomade, but also a product statement from the founder as well as some iconography on how the product is designed to work.
Pomade Packaging:
Branded Apparel:
Branded Business Cards:
Retail Space Logo Visualization:
Print and Digital Brand Advertising:
Re-Touched and Edited Moodboard Photography:
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