This was a branding project for a client that is a DJ and producer specializing in the EDM and Dance genre of music. The name "TWIINZ" was originally created by his father and is based on the history of himself giving birth to twins while starting up his music business. Now, his son is looking to carry on his legacy and retain the name with a newer styled logo. He is a freelance DJ based on the East Coast entertaining a variety of weddings and parties. The client is German, and the logo contains German roots such as the double "i" in the middle of the logo. It was very important to him to keep the name and logo base that his father originated while keeping roots to his home country. It was then my job to incorporate all these requests, but to make a logo that fit him, his style of music, and the audience that he performs in front of. He and I then decided on incorporating a logo with a gradient band of color around it to be used on his branding to give it more of an eye catching appeal.
B/W Logo:
Colored Logo:
Twitter Branding:
Stickers and Merchandise:
Business Cards:
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